Friday, June 24, 2011

Everyone Has Their Own Fitness Journey To Take

First Lady Michelle Obama and The Most Reverend Dr. Desmond Tutu

  I love this photo and I love what our first lady is doing.  In the pursuit of getting the message out on health and fitness, she is a force to be reckoned with.  Here she is with Desmond Tutu, on the floor, doing push ups. I mean, how awesome is that?  I had to smile when I watched this on television.  She does great push ups...Army style.  Dr. Tutu needs some work.  
  This morning, I went for a walk in the neighborhood.  I wanted to get out of the house.  I knew it would be hot and humid, but I was getting bored with the treadmill.  In the end, I only did four and half miles.  But it was worth it.  I saw some very interesting people along the way.  
  For such a hot muggy morning, there seemed to be a lot of people out.  The first person I saw was a jogger.  She was wearing one of those skin tight running outfits, the ones I wouldn't have the nerve to wear.  She was in great shape.  Sometimes, when I think back, I actually miss running.  Then I saw a man walking his dog.  Most folks pull their dogs close when walkers pass.  He didn't.  His dog was probably friendly but, after that one bit me last year on the thigh, I don't take any chances.  I steered away, walked up on the grass until I passed them.  I passed another man out walking.  He appeared to have some sort of mental disability.  He passed me twice and never looked up.  He walked with a limp, but it didn't slow him down.  Two teenage boys passed by me on bicycles.  One waved and smiled.  The other was engrossed in his music.  I saw a man in a turban with a long white beard riding his bike.  His shirt and pants were long and baggy.  I wondered if he had ever had issues with getting them caught in the chain.  There was a jogger, a man of a certain age (probably in his 50's), a little poofy at the middle.  And later two ladies, closer to my age, out walking at a leisurely pace and chatting.  
   All of us out there today were on a personal fitness journey.  Some, like the first jogger I saw, are fitness experts.  Some, are trying to build strength in the broken heal physically and/or emotionally.  Some just want to hang with friends and enjoy all life has to offer.  Whatever road each person takes, it doesn't really matter.  The point is we have begun the journey and we are committed to it.  
   We can all do something in the pursuit of better health.  The first step is the most difficult.  After that, you need only take one step at a time.  Slowly you find yourself achieving more and more each day.  You make better choices.  If you stick to it, eventually, you become stronger, you become a more fit individual.  You become a role model to the young and the not so young.  I think even Desmond Tutu was pretty impressed with the first lady and her amazing push ups.  And they obviously are paying off.  She has great arms.  You know, not everyone is an athlete, but with a little courage and determination, we can all lead a more active healthy life.  What would you like to do on your fitness journey?  Would you like to walk, run, ride a bike, dance, golf, swim, play with the kids?
   Well, I'd better go.  The first lady made me feel guilty.  I have not yet done my push ups today.  What do you think?  Fifty?          

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